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    My horse thoroughly enjoyed the treatments, licking & dozing off, I found out where she was sore & why, & she felt & moved so much better as a result of these treatments. - Sara S.

    The benefits of working with Dr. Reuben are happiness for my horse and me, better health. My horse is able to walk again. I ponied him next to my mare. He trotted today. With boots on. Dr. Reuben is the best! - anonymous

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr. Reuben. He literally saved my horse's career. After 3 treatments, Rocky went from being Lame, to not quite right, to SUPER SOUND! I am so excited that I don't have to retire him. And his method works great on humans too. I had shoulder surgery in January 2017 and it didn't start to feel normal until Dr. Ruben worked on it 3 times. Now I can do everything without any pain. THANKS DOC!!!  - Gwen B.

    "Having been an equine practitioner for 47 years, I can wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Michael Reuben's VOM chiropractic technique as the most effective, humane, non-invasive

    procedure that produces positive results."

    Dr. Robert Bradley,
    Chief Large Animal Vet
    Los Angeles Equestrian Center

    The Palmdale Sheriffs Mounted Unit, of which I am a member, was at a fundraiser put on by the people at Life Savers who save Mustangs and other horses that have been abandoned by people.

    We had brought our horses to put on a demonstration as part of the show.  I was mentioning to one of the members that Tex, my Paint mare, was out in the back and poll.   They highly recommended Dr. Reuben. Fortunately, he was at the fundraiser too.  So he came over and tested my mare.  I made an appointment and after two treatments Tex feels so much better and can pick up both leads easily and is much more relaxed.  Since then he has worked on the other horses that I have had, one horse was out in the shoulder, and we got him going good again and he felt better.  The Arabian couldn’t pick up both leads after Dr. Reuben worked on him he does it easily now.  We always fix our own hurts and then don’t think it might be the problems I am having with my horse.  We need to work in unison with our horses.

    Lyn Spees
    Palmdale Sheriffs Mounted Unit

    In therapeutic riding, our horses are required to provide a steady, stable mount for their precious cargo, regardless of the client's ability to stay centered.  This take a toll on our senior age horses that have already provided many years of work and recreation.  With Dr. Reuben's help, our herd has maintained a balanced and more healthful working schedule.

    When one of our horses is showing signs of tension, Dr. Reuben has been onsite to evaluate and provide relief.  Because we value our herd, we schedule regular sessions with Dr. Reuben to maintain their flexibility and comfort.

    Thanks Dr. Reuben from all of us at Ride to Fly.

    Ride to Fly
    Palos Verdes Therapeutic Program
    Palos Verdes, CA

    ….What this man, and chiropractic care, can do for a horse is amazing.   As far as I am concerned, the more people he reaches with this message, the better.  Last summer one of my horses came up so lame he couldn’t walk, and could barely get in the trailer to go to the vet.  After 6 hours of various nerve blocks and examinations, (and $465), the vet gave up and said he could not tell what it was. 

    We had an appointment previously scheduled that same day with Dr Reuben.  He treated the horse, we walked out absolutely sound and he remained sound the rest of the summer – and hundreds of miles traveled. 

    I was quite impressed.

    Jo Johnson
    San Joaquin Sierra Chapter
    Back Country Horseman’s Association

    Getting your horse these treatments by Dr. Reuben is like a tune up for your car...they run so much better...but with your horse...actually feels good too! - Sara S.

    Dear Dr. Reuben,

    Thanks so much for the work you did on my mare, Nina, with your VOM Technology method. Prior to the treatment, she had great difficulty with the “back up”. I would lift the reins, and it would take her quite a few moments before she could physically drop her nose and THEN back up.

    The first day following her treatment, I was absolutely amazed that every time I lifted the reins she immediately dropped her nose and backed up on the slightest of cues and has been doing so ever since. 

    Many months later she was in a paddock with a mare that beat her up pretty badly. Nina had difficulty at the canter. She would crossfire and wasn't able to hold her leads. Once again, the treatment remedied this immediately and she’s been fine ever since.

    I can’t give you enough gratitude and praise for all you’re doing for our equine communities. I'm constantly recommending your method of treatment to all my "horsy" friends. Unfortunately, there are too many horses out there that still need your attention.

    Joyce Gay
    Natural Horsemanship Training

    I saw a huge difference in my gelding.  His limp has improved so much that my trainer was really impressed!

    Lisa Duggan
    Dusty Spurs Gymkhana