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    Rapid Release is a newly developed technology that utilizes targeted high speed vibration that quickly releases tension caused by scar tissue, adhesions, and both chronic and acute muscle spasms. In the same way that a certain sound frequency can shatter glass, the Rapid Release instrument uses a specific frequency of "pressure waves" that "shatter" scar tissue. Well not exactly shatter, but more specifically uses frequencies that have been determined optimal for resonating with scar tissue. Scar tissue absorbs this energy at these resonant frequencies, efficiently facilitating its dissolution. The result is significant pain relief and increased range of motion of affected joints or extremities.
    Following Arthrostim Muscle Release treatment, which breaks up the large scale muscle knots, tension, and spasms, the Rapid Wave Release can now effectively reach into deep rooted  areas of scar tissue and adhesions. The scar tissue and adhesions are rapidly dissolved, and are now prepared for the "flushing" effect induced by following this therapy with the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. 
    Rapid Release is currently used by the NFL and other professional sports organizations. Good enough for them, so good enough for your horse (and other animals)!