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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my horse need Accelerated Sports Conditioning?

    Horses were not designed to carry humans on their back, we have to train them to do it. Sure they seem to do it pretty well, and they do it better than we ever could, but riding does increase wear and tear on a horse’s spinal joints. Under your saddle is not a buckboard, but a lot of moving parts. Now think of each moving part having a little computer inside, feeding information to muscles as well as the brain. (Throw a computer against the wall a few times and see what happens.) Over time and with successive rides, the spinal joints in your horse’s back get repeatedly stressed with bouncing, jolting and shearing stresses. There is over-stretching and microscopic tearing of the muscles and ligaments, compression of the spinal discs, and ultimately “pinched” nerves. In order to keep your horse able and willing to carry you on his back, you have to do some regular maintenance on your horse’s back.

    Did you know?

    • Many recurring foot or leg problems are coming from your horse’s back.
    • Many refusal or reluctance issues are coming from your horse’s back.
    • A properly fitted saddle will not help very much if your horse’s back is already hurting and spending a lot of $$ on a new saddle is a waste until you have had your horse’s back checked for problems that can cause unevenness in the back, shoulders, hips and back muscles.
    • A horse’s brain receives a much less intense pain signal than humans for the same injury.
    • Your horse’s back soreness will get worse if you keep riding him.
    • Training is vastly easier when your horse’s back isn’t sore.

    Why should I use Dr. Reuben?

    • 22 years experience treating the human athlete and 13 years treating the equine athlete.
    • Dr. Reuben works with your veterinarian within accepted practice guidelines.
    • Dr. Reuben has many large animal veterinarian references.
    • Dr. Reuben uses efficient and high tech pneumatic instruments to adjust and massage your horse. No twisting, forcing, or “cracking” is needed. *Results usually seen and felt after one treatment.
    • Avoid more injections and costly diagnostic services.

    If Dr. Reuben can’t solve your horse’s back problems within 3 treatments, stop riding your horse, and call your veterinarian again.