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    Your Horse - An Athlete You Can Ride

    The best way to keep your horse sound, healthy and cooperative is to view them as an athlete, and treat them accordingly.

    Human athletes these days, from professional sports teams down to high school level, and even to Pop Warner and Little League, have state of the art conditioning and therapy available to them. Utilization of these methods to keep athletes in top condition is virtually universal. There is some level of cooperation between teams and trainers to find out the latest methods being used to help their athletes, but there is also actual espionage that takes place to see if another team may be using something new that could give their athletes any advantage.

    Human athletes also know the value of keeping their bodies intact during their years of competition so they may have something left of their bodies when their playing days are over. Most modern athletes embrace conditioning and therapies to keep them going, while increasingly avoiding drugs, injections, and surgeries unless absolutely necessary. The athlete who repeatedly throws themselves into competition without addressing their bodily stresses with proper maintenance therapies and conditioning, will simply not last very long, and injuries will pile up quickly.

    Horses need similar care, or the consequences will be similar. The problem is that horses will generally continue to perform and give it their best for you no matter how they are feeling. What the rider will first notice is a loss of suppleness, evenness, and cooperation. By the time a rider notices lameness in their horse, it can be too late to bring them back.

    Happily, more riders and trainers are coming around to the notion of a horse as an athlete, mainly differing from their human counterparts by virtue of having to carry a passenger during competition, and inability to verbally communicate their physical issues. The rewards of  treating a horse as a proper athlete include more winning and less vet bills, not to mention a great riding horse that will last a long time, as it should be.

    Equine Sport Performance is dedicated to being on the cutting edge when it comes to Accelerated Conditioning and bringing the best of health and performance to your equine athlete.

    Happily, the days of “A horse is a tool; use em' up and throw em' away..” seem to be going the way of the horse whip.    


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