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    Hello, and welcome to the new home of Equine Sport Performance. If you haven’t met, seen or heard of me before, I’m Dr. Michael Reuben. I was a human chiropractor for two decades before making the transition to working on animals as a Musculoskeletal Technician, focusing on primarily horses.

    My service focus is to work in affiliation with your veterinarian to provide pain relief, wellness maintenance, and performance enhancement for your horse. I consider my services to be an extension of your veterinarian’s arsenal in the treatment of spinal-related lameness and performance issues. Education for horse owners is central to my practice, and I make every effort to insure that my clients are well-equipped to navigate the relatively new and sometimes confusing world of musculoskeletal therapeutic options for animals.

    I use the latest, safest, and most effective methods in my approach to achieve optimum health, movement, and performance in your horse. I have a six-year track record of  successful outcomes in the conditions I set out to treat, with a substantial and growing list of satisfied equine health care professionals, trainers, and clients. 

    I expect and deliver fast results that you can see and feel in your horse. I will answer your questions and if I cannot, I will consult experts and get the answers for you. I will save you a tack shed full of money spent on repeated procedures that provide only band-aids, and expensive diagnostics that may give answers but no solutions.

    The bond you have with your horse is held in my highest regard, as is your horse’s health and your satisfaction. It is for this that I devote my skills.

    Dr. Michael Reuben, D.C., CVMT