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    Equine Sport Performance

    Equine Sport Performance is a mobile equine therapeutic service in the Los Angeles, California area  founded by Dr. Michael Reuben.

    Dr. Reuben has also traveled extensively outside of the Los Angeles area to provide his services. He networks with a broad range of veterinarians, farriers, trainers, saddle fit experts and other professional consultants who enthusiastically pursue effective and holistic options for horse improvement.

    Dr. Reuben utilizes a high-tech approach called Accelerated Sports Conditioning, which is a procedure for locating deconditioned areas of the horse that have caused imbalances, and stimulating the muscles and tissues in these areas utilizing state of the art technologies to "catch up" with overloaded areas. At the same time, stress is released from the overloaded areas. Dr. Reuben has practiced and evolved these methods since 2004, establishing a high success rate in the treatment of back, neck, shoulder and hip-related issues in the equine athlete that are due to deconditioning issues. These same principles are currently being used on human athletes through the professional levels to keep their conditioning and performance at maximum levels.

    Dr. Reuben had two decades of prior practice as a human chiropractor, concentrating on athletic injuries, conditioning and rehabilitation. He become interested in working with the equine athlete (through his niece's barrel racing group) and in 2004 became a CVCP, or Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner. As Dr. Reuben became aware of newer technologies and applications he incorporated them into his procedures. He even developed advanced protocols for application on the equine athlete, and his procedures are outlined in the instructional manual for the EquiPulse PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field).

    Demonstrations of this technique have resulted in dramatic transformation of previously underperforming horses into virtual movement machines. Trainers and veterinarians who have seen this relatively new approach will gladly tell you that they have likely witnessed an evolutionary jump in the restoration of maximum performance potential in the horse. You may e-mail Dr. Reuben for their contact info.

    New cutting edge therapies that enhance results!

    Dr. Reuben has added additional therapies to his treatment protocol that have greatly enhanced the results on horses. Dramatic response and improvement are often seen after only one treatment session! This also means that maximum improvement is gained with a lesser number of sessions needed, only 1 or 2 in many cases. Therapeitic modalities are applied in a specific order to build on corrections to tissues and metabolism gained by each instrument. It is similar to a combination lock that requires all numbers dialed in an exact order to open the lock. The treatments and therapies rendered in order are:

    1. Full Spine Trigger Point Reboot (Balances trigger point signals to the brain and back to muscles)  

    2. Arthrostim Myofascial Release (Releases muscle tightness, knots and spasms in seconds)

    3. Rapid Wave Release (Dissolves adhesions and scar tissue deeper than human hands can reach) 

    4. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (Supercharges muscles with blood and oxygen)

    Why would a horse need Accelerated Sports Conditioning?

    Many performance and behavioral problems stem from increasing muscular imbalances in your horse’s back. Eventually, overstressed areas affect muscular balance on one side or corner of the horse while the opposing muscle groups become "deconditioned" and weaken. Opposing corners of the horse begin compensating which causes those areas to become affected as well. Pretty soon, your horse feels imbalanced and "off", and becomes more prone to suffering soreness and stiffness. Maintaining balanced conditioning, flexibility and mobility of your horse’s back is important, not only to the overall health of your horse, but to the safety of the rider as well.

    Accelerated Sports Conditioning is NOT chiropractic manipulation, but can dramaticallly enhance the results of such treatment if used in conjunction. Chiropractic adjustments tend to not hold for very long if the adjoining muscles and tissues are not properly addressed as well in order to relieve imbalances and waste product accumulations. Otherwise, even properly adjusted spinal joints will likely go right back to where they were as soon as you jump back on your horse!

    Do you know how to recognize when problems are coming from deconditioning and imbalances in your horse’s back? Are you looking for an effective, high-tech and non-invasive solution to unlock your horse's maximum performance and potential? Would you simply like to improve your horse’s performance, health, and disposition?

    We can help you with these questions and a whole lot more!

    Read more about Dr. Reuben and his background here.  

    Accelerated Sports Conditioning is not intended to diagnose, cure, relieve, or prevent disease, wounds, or bodily injury. HAVE ALL SUDDEN LAMENESS OR INJURIES EVALUATED BY YOUR VETERINARIAN.